Info for Parents

Information for Parents

Thank you for visiting Bang on the Door Limited's ("our"/"us"/"we") website. We hope that you and your child have fun using it.

We are committed to doing all we can to make sure your child's use of our website is carefully monitored and controlled. We believe that all children should be safe online. We do not ask that your child registers to use our website.

We have three key brands: Groovy Chick, Fabric Animals and Classic Animals. All three of these brands are represented throughout specific areas of the website.

Here’s an overview of the content available at


Our homepage contains fun activities that your child can participate in, including:

A quick quiz: a personality style quiz allows your child to answer multiple choice questions. Your child will see an outcome after answering seven questions. The outcome will be based on the choices they’ve made throughout the quiz.

Voting: Your child can vote on our homepage. We’ll ask a question, that’ll usually be product related. Your child can vote for their favourite by simply clicking on their preference.

Stars: In this area, children can view their lucky colour, number, day and Fab Animal for the week based on their star sign. This is fictitious information and is included on the website to boost self confidence and is just for fun.

Win me: this area promotes a specific prize we have chosen to give away to winners of our competitions, and will link through to one of our competition pages. Your child will need your permission to enter competitions on our website.

This week’s Fab animal: In this area we will publish one picture of a pet submitted by a visitor to our website, together with the child’s name and the pet’s name. Users wishing to submit a picture of their pet, must complete a form found by clicking on the ‘send in your pet pic’ button on the homepage. To submit, we ask for the child’s name, pet’s name and an image of the child’s pet which must be in jpeg format and a specific size. Also on this page, children can view other images of pets submitted by users. Your child must have your permission to submit their entry. We regret that we cannot publish all entries we receive.

Keep in touch: This area is for visitors that are 18 years-old and above. Users can subscribe to receive emails from us by providing us with an email address. When subscribed we will from time to time send you information about Bang on the Door products and news based on the preferences you have submitted. Please read our privacy policy when subscribing to this service.

Buy me: This section promotes a product that we’d like to tell everyone about. It’ll click through to one of our retailer’s or agent’s websites for which we are in no way responsible for.

Send in messages and ticker tape: At the top of the homepage is a ticker tape where children can view messages sent in by visitors to our website. These messages are fully checked by a member of the Bang on the Door team prior to being published on the website. All users have the opportunity to send in their messages by clicking on the ‘send message’ button. Clicking this button will take you to a page where a form must be completed to submit a message. We’ll only ask for the person’s name submitting the message and the message itself. Bang on the Door will review messages once a week and pick a select few to appear on the website.

Facebook and Twitter links: These links will click through to our pages published on Facebook and Twitter and are for the use of people aged 13-years and older.

Games: in this section your child will be able to take part in two games; Milkshake Mayhem and The Name Game. In Milkshake Mayhem, the idea is that children need to serve as many milkshakes to Groovy Chick’s friends as possible, in order to progress to the next level. This game is designed to help with memory development and coordination.

Children can take part in The Name Game by entering their name to find out the meaning of it in Bang on the Door terms. The result information given is completely fictitious and is just for fun. We have included an up-to-date swear word filter in this section of the website that will help prevent children entering common, English language swear words, however, we cannot and will not be held responsible for children entering swear words which our system does not recognise.

Products: in this section, users can view products from for all three of our brands; Groovy Chick and friends, Fabric Animals and Classic Animals. Users can also choose to view products by category such as apparel, publishing and plush by clicking on the appropriate buttons. Clicking on the buy link will take users to an external website belonging to one of our stockists or agents for which we are in no way responsible for.

Win: In this section we will promote three competitions at any one time. In order to enter our competitions you must give your child permission to enter. The contact details of an adult must be provided in order to contact them should your child win a prize. To enter, an adult must agree to the relevant competition terms and conditions for each competition and our privacy policy. More information regarding the terms and conditions for our competitions can be found in each of the competition terms and conditions pages accessed by clicking on individual competition pages. By entering competitions, you agree to allowing your child’s name, age (if asked for), and entry being published on our website. Should your child win, you agree to your child’s name and age being provided to people that have made a request to see a list winner names.

Craft: In this section children can view, download and print a selection of Bang on the Door craft activities. Children must be supervised when completing these activities as they may involve, for example, the use of sharp instruments such as scissors, or may involve cooking. Bang on the Door will not be held responsible for any injury that arises from taking part in these activities. Children can also visit our create a card section which allows users to create and print a Bang on the Door branded greeting card by dragging and dropping Bang on the Door elements on to the page. A personal message can also be added. When entering a personal message, Bang on the Door cannot be held responsible for any inappropriate messages entered and printed by users. Please read our terms and conditions carefully when taking part in these activities.

Quizzes: Personality style quizzes allow your child to answer multiple choice questions. Your child will see an outcome after answering seven questions. The outcome will be based on the choices they’ve made throughout the quiz.

By working in partnership with parents and guardians we can ensure the Bang on the Door on-line environment is a safe and harmonious place to be and your child is safer on-line.

Key steps to keeping your child safe on-line

• Make sure you know as much as possible about what your child is doing online.

• Make sure you know what sites they are visiting and who they are exchanging messages with.

• Showing you're interested by keeping up-to-date with what your child is doing on-line.

• Look out for any suspicious activity.

• Make sure your child understands that they shouldn't give out their personal information to people they meet on the internet. Stress that although they may think of them as friends, there's a risk (however small) that they're not who they say they are. Revealing to other users their age, phone number, address - even gender - is potentially unsafe. Most importantly they should never post an identifiable photograph and be extremely careful to monitor the use of personal webcams.

• Think about installing parental control software on your computer that allows you to block access to certain types of website or to log your child's internet activity. It can also prevent email traffic from undesirable sources.

• Check the history of sites your child has visited, and be explicit that you'll do this regularly. If the history has been deleted, always ask them why.

• Talk to other parents about the rules they have for their children. Your child may know not to post their picture on a networking site, but that doesn't stop friends posting group photos that may include them.

• Be aware of how, when and where your child uses the internet. This will help you to spot any significant changes in their behaviour - for example, if they spending much longer online than usual. This may well be nothing more than typical adolescent behaviour, but at least you'll be alert to other possibilities.

• Look out for personality changes that may signal your child is being bullied or abused. These can include loss of confidence, withdrawal from family life, anxiety or argumentativeness, insomnia or lack of concentration.

• Talk to your child about the type of site he may stumble across either accidentally or if curiosity gets the better of them. You may find it an uncomfortable topic (and they almost certainly will) but experts at NCH, the children's charity, say it's much more sensible to discuss with your child the possibility that they'll encounter pornographic material on the internet. That way they should feel more able to turn to you if they feel things are getting out of hand - and they'll be much less vulnerable to potential abusers urging them to keep secrets.

• Speak to your internet service provider (MSN, for example) about its policy on chat rooms. Are they moderated (monitored constantly) by fully trained adults to minimise the risk of bullying or abuse? It's never a good idea to allow children on to unmoderated sites.

• Determine if your child's school teaches pupils about internet safety.

• Don't panic if you discover any record of inappropriate pictures or conversations on a computer after your child has used it. Talk to them if you're worried and seek help if you're not reassured by what they tell you. Useful sources of information and advice include the NSPCC (0808 800 5000) and ChildLine (0800 1111). With your child look at the NCH Net Smart rules (visible at and agree with your child that they will stick to them.

Disclaimer: This information is provided for your general information only. The information contained on this site should not be treated as a substitute for legal or other professional advice. Bang on the Door is not responsible or liable for the contents of any websites of third parties which are listed on this site.

Please contact us if you have any queries relating to the Bang on the Door website.