Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Updated 11th September 2011

The following comprises details of our privacy policy and how we, Bang on the Door Limited ("our"/"us"/"we") of The Studio, 15a Carrakeel Drive, Maydown Industrial Estate, Maydown, Londonderry, Northern Ireland BT47 6UQ use any personal data (as defined in the Data Protection Act 1998 (the "Act")) that you supply to us.

Please read our Privacy Policy, together with our Information for Parents section, Terms and Conditions of Use and any specific competition terms and conditions. For the purposes of the Act the "Data Controller" is Bang on the Door Limited.

  1. We will comply with the Act, so any personal data which you supply to us will be used for the purposes indicated below. Please do not give us information if you do not want it stored. Our security procedures mean that we may occasionally request proof of identity from you.

  2. The information which we obtain and hold about you, your company and your child will be used to manage and administer this site. The information will only be used as stated herein and/or in such other circumstances where there is an obligation to do so, or as the law permits, or where we have your consent.

  3. The information we hold about you is confidential and will only be disclosed outside the users of this website at your request or with your consent, to investigate or prevent fraud or if the law permits it or it is in the public interest. Normally any personal/business details provided by you to us will not be exported outside the EEA. In the event of any information being disclosed outside the EEA, we have strict security procedures in place. All of our mailing lists are opt-in and the details collected in mailing lists are not shared with any third party.

  4. We will retain your personal data only for as long as is required and for the purposes for which it was originally given. The personal details are then destroyed unless we are legally obliged to retain the data and/or transmit it to a regulatory or government authority.

  5. We would ask that you keep us informed (by email, telephone, or in writing) of any changes in your personal data so that we may have our records up to date at all times.

  6. We will from time to time amend this Privacy Policy and such amendments will be posted on the website.

  7. Nothing on this website constitutes advice, nor does the transmission, downloading or sending of any information create any contractual relationship. We, to the extent permitted by law, accept no liability or responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage suffered by any user of the information contained on this website. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in our Privacy Policy shall limit our liability for any liability the limitation of which is not permitted by law.

  8. By continuing to use this website you are deemed to accept the above and below terms and conditions, Terms and Conditions of Use, terms and conditions relating to each of our competitions and details set out in our Information for Parents section.

  9. Upon payment of a fee and by written request to us you are entitled to a copy of the personal data held about you by us, as provided for under the Data Protection Act. You also have the right to require us to correct any inaccuracies in your information.

Our commitment

We are committed to protecting your online privacy when you visit our website. We do not collect personal information from you unless you volunteer it. We do collect personal information from children, unless volunteered. Children must seek and obtain the permission of a parent or legal guardian before doing so.

Help us to protect your child’s online privacy

Please help us to protect your child’s online privacy by monitoring what they do online. Help them to understand that they should never provide personal information about themselves without asking for a parent or guardian’s permission. If you’re under the age of 16, please ask your parent or guardian to read through this information with you and explain it to you.

Where do we ask for personal information?

We don’t ask for any personal information from you in order for you to visit and have fun on our website. There are however, specific parts of our website that do require certain pieces of information to be collected, for example competitions, sending in messages and submitting pictures of pets. For details we need to be provided, please visit our information for parents section. This information is voluntary. Children must always ask for a parent’s or legal guardian’s permission before providing any information about themselves. If you or your child has provided us with details, which you no longer wish to be stored, please contact us. Details will be stored by us for the length of time they are required. For example, our competitions may last for 4 (four) months. We will need to store this information for the whole of the competition period in order to judge the entries once the competition has closed.

If you have or your child has sent us an email, we will store this information only for the time that it takes us to respond. There may be some circumstances where the information provided needs to be retained by us for a longer period of time. For example we may be looking into a query. We may also store information such as your child’s name, for a longer period of time, if they have sent in a message to appear on the ticker tape on the website.

Subscribing to receive updates

If you have subscribed to receive updates from us, we will store your email address and preferences in order to provide you with Bang on the Door information and promotions. If your details change, please contact us. You must be 18 years old or older to subscribe to our subscription system. If you wish to unsubscribe from this service please either click on the unsubscribe link at the footer of the email you receive, or contact us.

Third parties

We may give access to our databases to third parties such as our Server Company, website developer(s), marketing assistant and people we hire on a consultancy basis which are necessary to fulfil our website service and business needs. Otherwise, we will never disclose information to any party, unless we are required to do so by law.

What do we do with information collected?

We store information for the purpose of the activity. For example, with your permission, your child may enter a competition. We will collect this information throughout the period of the competition. Once the competition has closed, and we have judged, contacted and distributed prizes, we will delete this information.

Please note that any information collected online is not entirely secure. While we will do everything possible to keep your information secure, we cannot guarantee the security of any data or personal information provided to us online. By providing details to us, you do so at your own risk.


Cookies are used on our website in order to track our website statistics. We track our website statistics, for example, in order to see what’s popular about our website and how we can make improvements. This service is provided by Google Analytics.

We also use a cookie in our voting section on our homepage in order to recognize if you have already voted in a website session. We do not store IP addresses or personal information by using this cookie.

Cookies are not used for any other purpose on the website.

Third party websites

We are not responsible for any third party websites that are linked to our website. This includes social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter, our online shop, agent’s or retailer’s websites, or any company advertising products and services on our website.


All reasonable care has been taken in relation to the accuracy of the information on this website. We do not make any warranties regarding the accuracy or completeness of the data on this website and the data within it. The user of this website understands that we, to the extent permitted by law, disclaim any liability for any damages in connection with the use by users of the website and its contents. We accept no responsibility or liability of any nature arising from either the content of or the use by any party of this website and any information contained therein. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in our Privacy Policy shall limit our liability for any liability the limitation of which is not permitted by law.

If you have any queries relating to our Privacy Policy, please contact us.