Best Holiday Ever!

Play this fab quiz to find out what your best holiday ever would be!

Just click on the answer that you agree with the most.


Paradise and shopping!

You so love beach holidays!

Your best holiday ever would be so fab! You’d spend long lazy days by the pool sipping fresh fruit juice, eating yummy ice-creams and reading your fave mags! After a long lazy lunch, you and your friends would take a trip to the mall and pick out some fabulous outfits. Hawaii is definitely on your list of places to visit!

Winter Wonderland!

You just love snow and amazing scenery! Your best holiday ever would definitely be cool! You’d jet off to a winter wonderland and spend your time up in the mountains skiing, playing in the snow, making snowmen and riding on sleighs with huskies. You might even spend the night in an ice palace or an igloo! After long, fun-filled days, you’d have a nice yummy hot dinner and toast some scrummy marshmallows, yum! You’d so like to visit Iceland!

Jungle Explorer!

You love animals and visiting colourful, tropical places!

Your best holiday ever would be just amazing! You’d spend your holiday trekking through the jungle, discovering cute and unusual animals and taking hundreds of pics to show your friends. You’d love finding colourful and exotic flowers and you’d camp out underneath the stars. Your perfect holiday would be to visit the Amazon rainforest.

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