Best Party in the World!

Play this fab quiz to find out what would be your perfect party.

Just click on the answer that describes what you’d like most.


Fab Fancy Dress!

Your party would be just so Groovy! You’d have the most amazing party. All of your friends would come in the most fabulous fancy dress outfits; they’d dress up as movie stars, pop singers and all your fave celebs. Keep your eye out for the funny outfits! You’d spend the whole night dancing to your fave songs, practicing your moves and routines. Your friends will be impressed with the entertainment too; singers, dancers and acrobats!

Best Sleepover Ever!

You’re party would be the best sleepover there’s ever been! You’d invite all your mates and spend the night doing all the things you love best; watching your fave movies, laughing, talking and playing jokes on each other! You’d take it in turns to give your friends the most amazing makeovers and then you’d have the most fabulous midnight feast; lots of yummy pizza, chocolate chip ice-cream and gorgeous melted marshmallows!

Fairytale Dream!

Wow! You’re party would be like a fairytale dream. Everyone would wear the most magical ball gowns, glittery shoes and sparkly accessories. You’d have the biggest glitter ball, scrumptious, luxury food and a gorgeous chocolate fountain – yummy! Lush pink roses, sweet peas and lilies would tower from all the tables and candles would flicker around the dreamy room. A live band would play your favourite tunes! You’d feel like a princess for the night!

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