Am I a Fabulous Friend?

Play this fab quiz to find out if you’re a Fabulous Friend.

Just click on the answer that describes you best!


Best Buddy!

You’re the best type of friend there is!

All your friends love you because you’re loyal, caring, trustworthy and a great listener.You’ll always be the first person they pick the phone up to talk to when they’re down, and they’ll always pick you to go with them when they’ve only got two tickets to the most amazing show! Keep being a really fab friend and you’ll have besties forever!

Marvellous mate!

You’re the kind of friend everyone wants!

You’re popular and people like you because you’re caring and you’re you! You’ll always be the kind of person your friends will turn to. Sometimes you make a few mistakes, but hey, nobody’s perfect, right!

You’ll always be a great friend if you’re there for your mates.

Passable Pal!

You like having lots of friends so maybe you don’t have time to spend with all of them.

You’re a popular girl and everyone loves your kind nature. All your friends want to hang out with you because you’re friendly, fun and caring. You’re always on the going, busy making plans for parties, sleepovers and days out. Perhaps you should try spending more time with your besties?!

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