What Animal Would I be?

Play this cracking quiz to find out what kind of animal you’d be for a day.

Just click on the answer that you agree with the most.


Bouncy Bunny

You love cute ‘n’ cuddly pets!

Your fave animals are adorable, cute, fluffy bunnies. If you were an animal for a day, you’d be a bunny; spending your time being pampered and looked after. You love nothing more than a little TLC! You’d spend your day eating scrumptious fresh vegetables and being spoilt with yummy treats. You’d lap up the cuddles and attention but only after testing out your fabulous springy legs!

Scary Spider

You like unusual animals!

You’re so not a girly girl! There’s nothing you love more than visiting a reptile shop and looking at all the unusual animals; spiders, lizards and snakes! But, your favourites are scary spiders. If you could turn yourself into an animal for a day, there’s nothing you'd like better than to be a tarantula. You love playing jokes on your mates and you’d find it hilarious to see them squeak and run!

Beautiful Butterfly

I’ve gotta be pretty!

You love exotic animals and insects, but only the pretty ones! You’re a confident person and you love standing out in a crowd. You’re not afraid of being the first to wear something different! If you were an animal for the day, you’d definitely be a butterfly. You’d spend all day fluttering around majestically, floating in the wind and showing off your fabulous wings!

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