Your Perfect Day Out!

Play this cool quiz to find out what would be your perfect day out!

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Fun and Adventure

Your perfect day out would be a trip to a theme park with your besties of course! After a sleepover, you’d make your way to the park where you’d spend the morning going on as many fast rides as you can! In the afternoon you’d grab a bite to eat before playing on all the fairground rides, spending hours on the bouncy castle and whizzing down the really tall helter-skelter. You’d round the day off by eating your favourite; popcorn!

City Sights

Your perfect day out would be an overnight stay in New York! You’d be picked up by your VIP limousine and whisked off to the most amazing shops! You’d choose some fabulous outfits and accessories before visiting a tip-tip salon and have your very own makeover. After all that, you’d visit an art gallery before having a meal at a celeb filled restaurant wearing one of your amazing new outfits. You’d settle down for the night in a sumptuous bed!

The Great Outdoors!

You’d start off by visiting an animal sanctuary where you’d help feed and look after animals like hedgehogs, fox cubs and baby owls. You’d take part in some fun activities like nature trails and treasure hunts before setting off on a boat going across the bay to a secluded beach. Your lunch would be packed full of all your fave snacks and the most yummy cakes. Your day would be rounded off with a camp fire, singing your best tunes!

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